To Your Dreams

When most people consider the life they want to have, they ask the wrong question. They ask, "Is my dream possible?" Then they look at their conditions to determine the answer. Those conditions may be very convincing. They may be your bank account statement. They may be your location. They may be your age. But the universe is full of endless possibility. By definition, it is unlimited. By looking at your conditions to determine your dream, you squeeze the infinite into a tiny little picture of what you think is possible. Remember, a hundred years ago, flying in a plane was impossible. Even the internal combustion engine used in every car today was impossible. If those inventors looked to the current conditions back then to determine their dreams, we may never have made these leaps. Start today by asking yourself instead, "What would I love?" Then allow yourself to dream without limit. Write down the ideas that come to you. Look for the feeling of aliveness that arises inside you as you dream and let it guide you. To Your Dreams!