To Your Success and Abundance

Are You Successful or Suc-Stressful?

Let's cut to the chase:

The only way to real success in life is to live with an open and loving heart.

Period. Money and trophies are an externalized version of what you truly seek. Abundance comes from the wellspring that resides at your core. When you live from there, you have it all.

If the money is not there, if the reward is not there, and the trophy appears to be missing from your shelf, then there are likely conditions that are keeping abundance away from your experience. (And believe it or not, those “conditions” are not like “weather conditions” – outside of your conscious ability to manage. They are the conditions within your own opinions and constructs.) Try some of these things on for size, and see what starts to happen:

Interpret your daily experiences from a place of up-liftment; tell the truth; honor your core; find the blessing; see the open door; create; lend a hand; love; speak to the source – of your apparent pain or your noted delight; bring peace; laugh; give; reveal; play; ask for help when its needed – sooner; choose to be loved; enjoy yourself; find; be intentional; be unconditional; be You.

And you will experience Abundance.

To Your Success and Abundance