Hard curriculum is a compliment to your soul

It is the time of year when children, youth and adults of all ages are half way through their school year. The school of life is no different than grade school, middle school, high school, or graduate school; you are constantly being introduced to a new curriculum of understanding. First graders often think their curriculum is difficult. Eighth-graders think their classes are hard, and likewise, seniors in high school think the same. But the high school student doesn’t think the eighth-grade curriculum is challenging and the eighth-grader doesn’t think the first grade curriculum is challenging. The perfection of the Universe is that it has a magnificent way of keeping us on our green growing edges of our own life. If you’re finding your "curriculum" particularly challenging, know that you are in the perfect place - the green growing edges of your own becoming. Who you are becoming is someone this Universe is so very proud of. Hard curriculum is a compliment to your soul. You are more than you've known. Enjoy the Compliment!