The Power of One Thing

Bill Nightingale tells a story about an efficiency expert named Ivy Lee who was hired by a major business person to give him his top advice on how to increase productivity, efficiency and his bottom line. He was told to prioritize the top six things he wanted to get done. "Do number one and don't do anything else until you get number one done." The man said, "I am supposed to pay you all that money and you give me that advice?" Ivy Lee told him to do it for thirty days and then send him what he thought it's worth. After thirty days, Ivy Lee got a check from the man for thirty thousand dollars, which is today's equivalent of about two hundred thousand dollars, with a note that said it was the most important piece of information--when executed--that he had ever had in his life. Let's each just consider what would really matter to us today, and let's do that one thing. We often think we know something, but it's only when it's executed that we really do know. Here's To The Power Of One Thing!

Have a Productive Efficient Week