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To The Power of a Moment

Wisdom Shared from Mary Morrissey

To The Power of a Moment

Sometimes in the course of our daily life it just seems like we are so busy. There are so many things to do. We can be looking to accomplish so much that we forget what really matters most.

Let this be a reminder that several times during the day, any time you choose -- pause, take a deep breath, and create for yourself a miracle minute, or even a miracle ten seconds. That will be ten seconds of just reminding oneself what really matters most. This is a precious day of life; a day that will never be repeated again. This is an opportunity for me, right now. Even just in ten seconds, we can create moments throughout our day to take us deeper, that broaden our perspective and reorient our thinking. From that heightened awareness, we live a life of more meaning, depth, purpose and clarity. Here's To the Power of A Moment

Here is to the power that you hold in this moment, this day and this week!