Give a Happy Thanks-Having This Year

Giving -- Having -- Giving -- Having -- Giving -- Having -- Giving -- Having -- Giving

Begins to blur, doesn't it? Well no doubt – it’s supposed to. There is really no difference anyway. Of course, you know that you cannot give something that you do not "have." So, consequently, we must HAVE thanks in order to give them. What we know subconsciously is that in order to "have," we must literally let it land in the core of the body. We do so by feeling it in the tissues.

This year, let it land before, during, and after you speak your gratitude. Let it run through the center of your body and fill your tissues with the vibration of having/giving/receiving all at the same time! (You may just enjoy the holidays this year).

Feel Your Gratitude, Give Gratitude, Receive Gratitude!

You will give and receive more than you imagine.