Finding the Good in Your Challenges

Today, we can take a step for up-leveling our gratitude quotient. In attempting to stay in gratitude, there will be roadblocks or activators. You may get stuck in traffic. Somebody may say something that bothers you. Whatever it is, something you didn't want to happen -- will happen. These are activators. We each have a personal belief about what those activators mean. We have a belief about whether it's good or bad. But, when we start to notice that we are feeling constricted, we can challenge the belief. No matter what happens, notice that you have a belief about it. Then, remember you can challenge your belief. You can say, "I am going to choose to find some good in this and I am going to invite the universe to show me that good." Notice as the day goes by, what you see and feel is more and more of the good. To Finding the Good in Your Challenges