Amazing Things Will Start To Happen

To A Better You – Use your fingers – as your reminder, it is deceptively simple. If you practice, it can produce deep and powerful results in your life. Practice it in the laboratory called life; Amazing Things Will Start To Happen.

#1 – Thumbs up – nobody gets to choose your attitude but you, nobody gets to choose how you are going to come to the day but you. Thumbs up, choose that you will have a thumbs up attitude towards your day. Choose a thumbs up attitude of gratitude every day, every morning and throughout your day.

#2 - Point Your Way –Nobody gets to decide the direction with your mind, your thoughts your choices, only you do. So how are you going to point your way down your day today. Set your intention about your day, what do you want this day to be about, what is your presence today?

#3 – Flip Fear and Negative Talk Away - As soon as you decide you are going to create, do, or be something is there going to be some fears or doubts? Yes so learn to manage those energies, flip fear in the face, when fear and doubt arise, flip fear in the face.

#4 – March Forth, Take action. What action steps will you take today?

March Forth, what steps can you take, think into it and come up with a few small steps. When you take those steps amazing things will happen.

#5 – Remember the Little Things. In the little things is complete magic, notice what you’re noticing of the little things, your appreciation will soar. Slow down and smell the flowers, help a child, elderly or someone at the market. Remember the little things.

When you consistently take these 5 steps in your life you cannot help but create a Better You…. and Amazing Things Will Start To Happen.