Here's to Choice

I was reading some research about positive psychology. They have discovered that you and I can choose what mood we want on a daily basis. Some of us are subject to the moods of the moment, the moods of the weather, and the moods of other people's opinion. But what they discovered is that people who live in the deepest levels of personal satisfaction choose their own moods. That's an exercise just like exercising a muscle. I invite us, in this moment, to choose what mood we want to generate today. Is it the mood of joy, the mood of support, the mood of forgiveness, the mood of compassion? What would be the mood that you choose? What mood would you like to be contagious to every person that you meet? Let us practice exercising that we can actually choose our mood. We can generate, broadcast and feel any positive thing we choose. Notice what happens in our own energy of wellbeing and personal satisfaction when we choose our mood. Here's To Choice!