Above the Line

Here is an excerpt from “Living Above the Line: Monthly News Letter”

As we try to create our best life, we have to ask how we want to live.

Do you want to live…

ABOVE THE LINE and spend your time creating and immersed in possibilities?


BELOW THE LINE consumed with the drama, problems, and excuses of why things can’t happen?

Which one gets you closer to sharing your best?

Although it’s tempting to convince yourself that only Below the Line solutions are available in challenging times, that’s exactly when you want to raise the level of your thinking and function Above the Line.

There’s a choice available even in the most difficult moments.

ABOVE THE LINE = Vision, Planning, Creating, Possibilities, Love

(Result = Progress)

BELOW THE LINE = Drama, Problems, Excuses, Can’ts, Fear

(Result = Status Quo)

Above the Line Thinking is where the miracles happen because you are paving the way with positive energy, creative vision, purposeful thinking, and loving thoughts. You are focused on where you want to go and solutions. There is a sense of purpose in your work, and you convincingly step over challenges as they emerge, leaving the drama behind. Above the Line thinking is fueled by potential and possibilities. You know you are living with this mindset when you frequently feel joyful, connected, focused, invigorated, happy, grounded, grateful, confident, giving, energetic, and fulfilled.

Below the Line Thinking is when you are consumed with the problems, drama, and excuses for why something can never get done. There is always a problem, even with the simplest tasks such as picking up groceries or getting your mail. You are continuously consumed with the “why” something happened rather than “what” can be done to move forward. There’s a comfort with staying where you are, and you’ve conditioned yourself to offer excuses instead of overcome them. It’s a mindset. Below the Line living leaves your frustrated, angry, unsatisfied, defeated, fearful, defensive, stressed, resentful, and anxious much of the time.

There are possibilities and problems in every situation; it’s just a question of what you choose to focus on. And that seemingly insignificant decision makes a huge impact.

For example, if a Below the Line person wins the lottery, he/she may focus on the problem of taxes instead of how the additional money can help create a better life for his/her family and others. If you bought a Below the Line person a plane ticket, he/she might be upset that the flight is not a direct one instead of being grateful for the opportunity to travel.

Some people make the most of a situation and others can take any wonderful experience and find something wrong with it. We have to train ourselves for either mindset.

Focusing on problems only weighs you down. Focusing on solutions and possibilities takes you forward. You cannot have both and need to decide which path you choose. Above the line thinking and living is a positive start.

I’d love to hear how a shift from focusing on problems to possibilities has made a positive difference in your life and others.