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Top 20 Denver Coach and Influential Leader In Achievement and Growth  ~Expertise 2020 and Denver Post 2020


My aim is to bring greater results and more value to your business than you ever imagined possible.  How? By teaching simple, effective, proven strategies that you can immediately implement to improve your organization, time effectiveness, processes, prospecting, profits and life. 

As a Master Consultant and Business Strategist, I bring over 20 years of performance, organizational and executive training to every program and client.  With an unwavering commitment to excellence, my clients learn proven systems that empower them to master the step by step path to achieve objectives, goals and to breakthrough barriers at all levels. 

With tremendous success, and listed as one of Denver's Top 20 Coaches and Influential Leaders in Achievement and Growth, I have guided thousands of businesses leaders off the treadmill of being owned by their business, away from the trap of lack of money, lack of passion and lack of time that causes struggle and strain and over 70% of the time hurts businesses, staff and their personal lives.

Proud of the breakthrough success my clients achieve, I love to see the powerful results that incorporate not only the mental foundations of success and the motivation to change, but also the actionable strategies that inspires clients to thrive in today’s ever-changing world.

As a consultant, speaker, trainer, and author, I deliver only proven executive training that creates sustained results!!

Inside Out

Not long ago,  looking at Jacquelyn Jones you would have thought she had an ideal life; an esteemed career, a loving  husband and family, a beautiful home, travel and more...

As an recognized interior designer, director of marketing for a premier model home design company, traveling across the country, a mother of three and wife of 15 years; she then built not one but three small businesses. One with her husband acquiring multimillion dollar properties, handling the CFO responsibilities, she epitomized success in the classic entrepreneur world.

Yet a struggle with a deeper calling to grow within and help others do the same propelled her to study from the top leaders in their industry, business, transformation, personal and organizational  development, relationship and success.  


Jacquelyn is proud to hold Coaching and Master certifications, from Tony Robbins in Strategic Intervention, Life Coaching, Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention and Master Certifications from Mary Morrissey as a Life Mastery Consultant.  She studied with Brandon Burchard, Steve Siebold, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Marci Schimoff and others...Jacquelyn has a passion to continue to learn, grow and give more to her clients than they ever expect.  

Her true awakening  was her calling to be an interior designer of another kind; this time from the inside out – guiding others to awaken authentically through their inner lives, guiding them to connect to their core to achieve greater success. She works to provide premier coaching, training and consulting and to deliver the most powerful results driven programs in the industry.

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